LIttle Brother Eli and Scott McKeon – Courtesy of Other Bloggers

“Read and Hear” is a music blog originating in Norway.  A recent post picks up on Little Brother Eli, a band built around the duo of compelling vocalist Alex Grew and bass player Josh Rigal.  They’ve just release a self-titled, three song EP along with a video for the first track, “Animal Fair”.

Take some time to visit Read and Hear, and definitely check out other performances on the Little Brother Eli website.

Proguitartricks is a French music blog dedicated to guitar lessons, loving photos of guitars, and a short list of “Guitar Legends”.  The most recent addition to the list is British blues player Scott McKeon.  A winner of Guitarist Magazine’s “Young Guitarist of the Year” in 1998, MeKeon has opened for superstar guitar slingers Derek Trucks and Gary Clarke, Jr. over the past year.

Visit his website Scott McKeon to learn about his surprisingly versatile career, and check out the acoustic blues track “So Much More” from the album “Trouble”  and the live electric jam “Coffee Cup” featuring a great group of musicians (things really get swinging about 2:00 minutes into the “Coffee Cup” video).

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