With over 60 years of rock & roll, R&B, soul and everything in between to explore, there’s always something to discover from both new artists and from the rich catalog of the past.  In each post we serve up something new, or something old, or a little of both – and there’s a good chance that some of it is new to your ears.

Music Now & Then.

P.S. Artists continue to build on the long, rich histories of jazz, folk, and country too.  So, we’ll sprinkle in a bit of that Now & Then.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Harry, this blog is really great! Yet another place for me to wither away the hours!
    Thanks for putting this together. I am posting this on my Facebook. I have a few friends believe it or not!

  2. Harry, you’ve prompted me to do some great listening! Keep’em coming! (…and you’ve got to highlight the Goat Rodeo Sessions at some point!)

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