Grab Bag

The first post in my blogging renaissance was about the soothing sounds of Morcheeba.   Frank Ocean’s “Sweet Life” from his first album, 2012’s channel ORANGE, has that same feel to me.   The song was co-written by Pharrell Williams.

A couple of weeks ago I posted artist “at home” videos.  Here’s a good one to add to that series – James Taylor, his wife and his son performing “You Can Close Your Eyes” for the Jimmy Fallon show.

Among the viral sensations I have missed – OK, I miss ALL viral sensations – is the Holderness Family.  Penn and Kim left their on camera TV jobs to start a video production and digital marketing business several years ago.      No idea how their business is going, but their own on-line videos costarring their kids and dog have garnered millions of views.   And they are tailor made for spoofing quarantine time.

Frank Ocean’s and Stevie Wonder’s Best Albums

“It’s the future of soul music being invented in real time” said Rolling Stone of Frank Ocean’s second album “Channel Orange”.  Seems that others agree, voting it Best Urban Contemporary Album at the 2013 Grammy Awards.  Ocean performed the track “Thinkin Bout You” backed by a trippy guitar arrangement (that looks like John Mayer in the shadows, stage right) on Saturday Night Live.   See if you find some similarities to “Visions” from 1974’s Grammy winner for Best Album, Stevie Wonder’s “Innervisions”.

If you like “Innervisions” era Stevie Wonder, you’ll probably also like the arrangement of Ocean’s “Sweet Life”.

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