A Jazzy Detour – Tauk, Fletch’s Brew, and Thievery Corporation

Time for an overdue dip in the modern jazz pool.

Tauk is a four-piece, instrumental fusion band from Oyster Bay, Long Island (thanks for the heads up, Charlie!).  Three of the band’s four members began playing together in middle school and reunited after college. “Friction” is the first track from their new album “Collisions” (that guitar tone is very Walter Becker), and if you want an introduction to their earlier album, “Homunculus”,  try out “In the Basement of the Alamo”.

Fletch’s Brew is a U.K. band built around drummer Mark Fletcher, and it includes a crew of seasoned musicians who have played with pretty much everyone you’ve ever heard of from Dizzy Gillespie to Diana Ross, and from Chrissie Hynde to Placido Domingo!  Despite all that history they are thoroughly modern, having raised money to record their new album “39 & 47” on KickStarter.  Here is the band playing their progressive version of the jazz standard “Invitation”.

Thievery Corporation is the duo of Eric Hilton and Rob Garza, who have been turning out incredible records and live shows that mix a broad range of musical styles since they teamed up in 1995 in Washington, D.C. Their shared love of Brazilian Bossa Nova apparently was part of what drew them together as artists, but “Saudade” is their first album entirely dedicated to that genre. Here are “Firelight” and “Bateau Rouge” featuring long-time vocal collaborator Lou Lou Ghelichkhani.

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2 thoughts on “A Jazzy Detour – Tauk, Fletch’s Brew, and Thievery Corporation

  1. Some covers are pretty boring, but others can be interesting

    1. Check out Lost on the River.

    Dylan gave 40 year-old lyrics to T-Bone Burnet, who got some musicians together to write the music.

    2. The Clapton J.J. Cale tribute album is also interesting


    • Thanks, John. I posted a couple of tracks from “Lost on the River” in September, but now that you’ve reminded me I’ll check out the rest. I’ll also check out the Clapton Cale tribute. Have you ever listed to the album they did together, “The Road to Escondido”? Great laid-back Cale vibe throughout. Harry

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