New Music from Jenny Lewis, The Rosebuds and Ryan Adams

At the end of July, Jenny Lewis released her new album “The Voyager”.   A TV and movie actress until she was in her early 20’s, Jenny turned to music and formed the band Rilo Kiley in 1998.  The band stayed together till 2011 and produced several albums and a few indie hits.  Here’s Jenny playing “Just One of the Guys” from the new album, followed by a video from the Rilo Kiley hit “Portions for Foxes”

The Rosebuds are a band from North Carolina based on the duo of Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp. They’ve put out a series of albums since 2003, and their latest “Sand+Silence” came out in early August.  Here’s “In My Teeth” from the new album, and if you like it try “Esse Quam Videri” (the state motto of North Carolina “To be, rather than to seem”).

On September 9th, Ryan Adams is scheduled to release his new self-titled album. The fact that self-titled albums are most often an artist’s first effort may imply that Adams is looking for a bit of a rebirth 20 years into his career. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Adams talked about his battle with Meniere’s disease and the fact that he’s feeling ready for his first concert tour since 2009. Here’s an audio track of a live performance of “Stay With Me” from the new album, and the official video for “Gimme Something Good” with a spooky story line featuring Elvira – not sure what to make of that.

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