YouTube Just Got Even Better with Music Vault

Yesterday, Music Vault began the process of uploading thousands of concert videos to YouTube.  Search for “Music Vault” on YouTube to see a link to the new channel. Thank you Bill Sagan!

[ Dear Readers, we’ve noticed that three of the links on this post have gone dead.  In fact, for reasons unknown to us, it is hard to search the offerings of the Music Vault channel on YouTube.  We’ll update you if we figure out why.  In the meantime, while the Music Vault channel is still worth checking out, it is hard to search.  HarryDJ ]

Music Vault, which has its own website that launched only a couple of months ago, is part of Sagan’s on-line music empire that includes the subscription concert audio archives of Concert Vault, rock & roll memorabilia website Wolfgang’s Vault, indie music site Daytrotter, and on-line publication Paste Magazine. Learn a bit more about how Sagan got started in our earlier post.

While the Music Vault collection is heavy on classic rock, it also includes new music and fabulous jazz performances. Here is a sample to whet your appetite.

Ray Charles covering Paul Simon.

U2 covering Bob Dylan.

Louie Armstrong performing a song he recorded in 1949 that Fats Domino would later cover.

And it doesn’t get any more indie than Rubblebucket (get past her funny hat, this is a pretty interesting band)!

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