Bernhoft and Kimbra Demonstrate the Art of the Live Loop

Fans of Conan O’Brien just got introduced to soul singer and one-man band, Bernhoft.  After fronting a couple of bands between 1996 and 2005, the Norwegian released his first solo album in 2008.  His performances center around recording a series of backing loops, sometimes on multiple instruments, to sing and play guitar over.  Check out  the totally entertaining “Cmon Talk” as well as the live version of “Sunday”.

Another artist who makes use of loops, more focused on vocals, is Kimbra.  She got a lot of exposure in 2012 accompanying Gotye on his Grammy Record of the Year “Somebody That I Used To Know”, but her vocal range and stylistic range are much broader.  Check out these two numbers and hang with the idiosynchratic “Settle Down”.

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