Cayucas Gets Us Ready for Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and this year’s beach music will definitely include tunes from Cayucas’ freshman release “Bigfoot” due out this week.

Cayucas began a couple of years ago as a one-man, bedroom studio recording effort by Zach Yudin.  He put his first tunes out under the name “Oregon Bike Trails” but apparently decided that a variation on the name of a California seaside town suited his vibe better.  “High School Lover” was first recorded under the OBT name a couple of years ago.  The video for “Cayucos” sets us straight on the proper spelling of the town but is otherwise baffling.

If you need a couple of other tunes get you in the mood for summer, it’s hard to beat these two classics.  Feel free to send us a comment or email with your favorite summer songs, and we’ll round them up for post when the weather gets hotter.

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