Happy Birthday, Sir Elton!

March 25th is Elton John’s birthday – he turns 66.  He’s expected to release a new studio album later in 2013, but his most recent efforts involve a collaboration with the Australian electronic dance duo Pnau.  In the 2012 release “Good Morning to the Night – Elton John vs Pnau”, samples from John’s catalog are woven into new electronica tracks.

The first video below is an interview with John, Nick Littlemore and Peter Mayes telling the story of how they got together and what they’re up to. The second clip is Pnau’s “Phoenix” that pulls heavily from “Grey Seal”.  Click here (Pnau ) to get to  the Pnau artist page with a link to the title track of the new album.

Elton John shares a birthday with Aretha Franklin (Happy 71st Queen of Soul!), and the two appeared together for a benefit concert / TV special 20 years ago.  Half way through this clip you’ll see a chorus of superstars who sang at the event.

Couldn’t finish this post without including a favorite song from a favorite Elton John album. “Come Down in Time” is a gem from the flawless “Tumbleweed Connection”.

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