Feeling Better with Michael Franti

In this time of high anxiety on so many fronts, Michael Franti has released a new album with songs to help us remember what’s important and to feel a bit better.  Here’s how Michael introduces Work Hard and Be Nice on his website, “Today, we are being called to connect with the hearts of others to literally bring about the healing of the planet. There is no higher calling, and I hope this music helps people know that they are not alone in the effort. Each person’s role makes a difference, and we will create billions of small victories that all add up together.”  The first video from the album is “I Got You”, and enjoy the live-in-the-park performance of “Work Hard and Be Nice to People”.

Franti has been delivering his uplifting vibe for quite some time. Below is “Say Hey I Love You” from 2008. A couple of months after the song’s release, Franti and his band Spearhead were playing Obama inaugural events.

But Franti also has harder message, hip hop bonafides in his past. You may recognize the refrain from “Television the Drug of the Nation”, released by Franti’s first two bands, The Beatnigs and The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy.

By the way, I learned of Michael Franti’s new release on the music blog Eclectic Music Lover. Thanks, Jeff! If you want a daily dose of new music, check out this excellent site.

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