Dear friends,

After a few years with only a few posts, I’m going to take a run at getting Music Now & Then back up and running.  I know all three of my followers out there are jumping for joy!

March 2020 will unfortunately be remembered as the month so many of us around the world shut ourselves in to protect not only ourselves, but our families, our friends and our fellow citizens of this incredibly small planet from the ravages of the alien COVID 19. With new and old forms of entertainment and diversion part of the formula for keeping sane, I humbly offer my small contributions.

With so much rapid fire information – none of it good – assaulting us at this time, let’s burrow into a vein of tranquil sound to transport us to somewhere soothing and calm.   Morcheeba was formed 25 years ago by vocalist Skye Edwards and brothers Paul and Ross Godfrey.   During a seven year run they released four studio albums.  The third, Fragments of Freedom, included “The Sea”.  Relax, maybe sip a drink, and let this one wash over you.

Now go one notch mellower with “Sao Paolo” from their fourth album, Charango.

After a decade of breakups and reunions, Skye Edwards and Ross Godfrey are once agin releasing music and touring as Morcheeba.  Here is the first track from their latest album, 2018’s Blaze Away.

4 thoughts on “He’s BAAACK!

  1. Welcome back Harry! I am finally getting to the music in this great post. Never heard of Morcheeba. Enjoyed all 3 songs, 25 years ago the videos were much different also but the one from ‘The Sea’ was almost psychodelic in quality, felt like something from the 60s! Loved ‘Sao Paulo’ and the last one ‘Never Undo’
    So glad you’re back, love this blog! Please note my new email address

  2. A huge favorite of mine. Glad to hear they are back at it. Hope this means a tour is coming. I recent favotite of mine has been Thievery Corporation in a similar but different vain.

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