John Mayer, Joni Mitchell and Neil Young – Solo and Acoustic

The opening track on John Mayer’s folk-tinged 2012 album “Born and Raised” is titled “Queen of California”.  The lyrics reference “Looking for the sun that Neil Young hung / After the gold rush of 1971”.  And hoping “there’s another color waiting for me” he recalls that “Joni wrote ‘Blue’ in a house by the sea”.  Let John set it up for you, then catch a 1970 performance of “California” from Joni Mitchell’s 4th album “Blue”.

Neil Young certainly has plenty in his catalog since “After the Gold Rush”, but his next album “Harvest” contained his only #1 song “Heart of Gold”.  Hang in there while he fiddles around with his harmonicas.

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3 thoughts on “John Mayer, Joni Mitchell and Neil Young – Solo and Acoustic

    • Dan, you’re the first commenter on my new blog. Thanks! I checked out your blog, and it’s very nice work. I’m glad you discovered Danny Gatton – I think he may be the greatest player of all time. Have you discovered Tommy Emmanuel?

  1. cheers, I need to get around to looking at more country and finger picking stuff… pleasure to be the first comment.
    Heart of gold was the first song I learnt with harp and guitar haha, love that tune one of my faveourites to play too!

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